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The Speech/Language program is designed to remediate communication skills in the following areas: articulation, stuttering, voice, and receptive/expressive language.
  • Articulation refers to the way sounds are formed and linked together. An articulation disorder is the substitution of one sound for another, distortions of sounds, or omissions of sounds.
  • A stuttering disorder is repetitions or prolongations of single sounds, syllables, or words; repetitions of words or phrases; or hesitations, struggle and tension in getting words out.
  • A voice disorder includes pitch, volume, and quality concerns such as hoarseness or breathiness of speech.
  • A language delay is characterized by slower than normal development of the language skills which are necessary for understanding and expressing ideas.
  • A student enrolled in the speech program attends two or three classes a week for 20 to 30 minute sessions. Speech class is a lot of work, but it is also fun. Students learn to improve their speech by practicing at the word, sentence, reading, and spontaneous speech levels. Playing games completes the majority of practice. Students are challenged to improve their skills by setting their goals and charting their progress.