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Special Education

The Special Education Department provides services to a wide variety of general education students at Forest View Elementary. They receive support under the labels of learning disabilities, speech/language impaired, emotional/behavioral disorders, physically impaired, visually impaired, deaf/hard of hearing, other health impaired, mild to moderate mentally impaired, and moderate to severe mentally impaired.
To qualify for services, each student must meet specific criteria based on federal and state laws and regulations. A collaborative effort among parents, students, general and special education staff is made to ensure maximum participation in classroom activities with minimal time away from the classroom. A varied assortment of techniques, incentives, flexible scheduling, materials, technology, and human resources is accessed to meet goals of individual students.
School Psychologist: The School Psychologist provides services at Forest View Elementary. Services provided include assessments of students to determine their needs in a team effort to make their school program more successful. Students may also receive support through classroom presentations, through small group involvement (groups focus on particular themes such as family change, enhancing school success, friendship/social skills training, anger management, and conflict resolution), or individual counseling. The main objective of the School Psychologist is, however, to be part of a team that can make school a successful experience for all students.  For more information on district special education programs, please click here.