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Second Grade


We as second grade teachers believe in providing an educational experience that will guide your child through life.
For communications, we use the Houghton Mifflin series and work on six themes in communications during the year. They are Pet Show, Nature Detective, Good Friends, Family Photos, That's Incredible, and Tell Me a Tale. Our reading strategies include predict/infer, thinking about words, self-questioning, monitoring, evaluating, and summarizing. During this communication time we incorporate guided reading, handwriting, spelling and grammar. Students look forward to cursive writing in January.
In math, our areas of study include problem solving strategies, place value and computation. We incorporate manipulatives and paper pencil activities.
During science, we cover the units of weather, sound, and insects. Our social studies component deals with people and places, working together with rules and responsibilities to have a healthy environment.
We provide a challenging and enriching curriculum for all students. We aim to provide a positive learning environment directed toward excellence for all students.